MEBOSA has earned a respective legal entity as a reliable solution partner in construction, electricity and railway transportations sectors, through industrial products she manufactures according to international norms and through ability to develop designs and products.

MEBOSA is the sister company of Mesa Metal İşleme ve Boyama Sanayi Co. Limited , who had produced fuse and low current boxes since 1970s. She put new activities on just production: R & D activities for new type of boxes and engineer based on a diffrerent kinds solutions for every different needs customers face on their projects. MEBOSA continues its activities with the brand 'MEBOSA' since 2004.

MEBOSA offers high quality aluminum, stainless-steel and black-steel welding services conforming EN 15085-2 CL1 Certificates for railway industry's leading companies.

With its 40 years of experience and knowladge and her specialized team consisting of engineers and insdustrial 3D CAD desiners, MEBOSA made difference on customer-oriented product development and leads the sector. Her focus is always on improving manufacture methods by applying keeping up with the technology and enlarging her CNC machine workshops. She also uses Certificated Workers for its sheet metal proccesses, like cutting, bending, welding applications; hence, she carries out projects that demands high quality products with ease.